Saturday, 23 July 2011


I am shocked after hearing about the bombing and shooting that happened in Norway friday. My prayers thoughts and prayers goes out to all the victims and their families.
I can not understand how anyone could do a thing like this.

Earlier today I lit a candle for the victims.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Job advice.

Never ever work for City Centre recruitment!

I have tried to get my salary from them for weeks now.
Every week they find another excuses for why they can't.
First they needed my ID, ok fair enough.
I was out of town so I sent them a copy of my bank ID and I was told it was ok and I would get my payments the next friday.

Friday came but no money so I sent my contact person an email and when I got no answer (appearently he was away on vacation, lucky him) his colleague told me they needed another form of ID so I sent them a photo of my passport, again I was told it was ok and I would be paid in my account the next friday.
I was not.

I am now told I need to come into the office in London with my passport and I will get my payment in cheque.

Wonder what excuses they will use tomorrow.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


One good thing that happened today was that I finally found somewhere to buy Yankee Candles. I went into CLinton cards to look for a postcard and I came out with a candle instead. I bought the Clean Cotton fragrance (and it smells so good), found out I can also buy them online, think I am gonna try the lilac one next time.

Bad day.

I'm having kind of a bad day today. I had "big" plans of depositing some money for our internet bill, and I walked all the way to the city centre.
When I get there I get to know that the bank is closed on saturdays, so I have to go back there monday, like I don't have enough to do on monday with editing, essays and presentation. I also had plans to buy a few things from Asda, while I'm there, but end up spending so much more money than I thought (impulse shopping), and have to take a taxi home.
While cooking dinner I kept on burning myself and dropping things, and now every little thing annoys me.
Think it's time to relax with a drink and a movie/series.
Maybe I'll do some work on my presentation later.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Internet finally!

We finally have internet at home, so I though I try to start posting here again.
In english, cause I live in England again.

Can't belive we've been here 6 months and we just got broadband now, spent so many hours at the LRC at school.

Uni is good, alot more to do, escpecially academic hand ins.
Live in a small town where it's not much to do, but London is just a short train ride away, so if I get bored it's easy to go there.