Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Traditions.

Christmas is a time for traditions and I love having things to look forward to each year.

The tree is ready decorated the 23. and we always watch the pre-Christmas eve tv programme. The old show Dinner For One is showed New Years Eve in other countries but here in Norway they have the tradition of showing it December 23.

The 24. (Christmas Eve) is a day filled with tv, chocolate and carols.

This is the day we visit all aunt and uncles and deliver the gifts, this year I didn't join my dad for this because I have been working so much and had a bit of a cold. So I got to watch all the Christmas shows instead. Tre N√łtter Til Askepot (Three wishes for Cinderella), Reisen Til Julestjernen ( The Journey to the Christmas Star) and the Disney Christmas special.

Around 16.00 we visit the graveyard to decorate the graves of our loved ones that has passed away.
We put up a wreath and light candles . 
When I was younger we did this earlier in the day when it was still daylight, but now I think is so nice to see all the lights from the candles. This is one of my most important traditions.

At 17.00 it is important to hear the bells from the local church and then Christmas Eve is officially started. 
Dinner is always served 18.00 and we eat ribs of pork, (ribs of lamb is New Years Eve dinner).My dad always manage to make it perfectly.
For dessert we have cloudberry, cream and ice cream.  

After dinner it is time to open presents, coffe and cake and just relax while watching tv.

Merry Christmas! 

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